Strategic Global Advisors - Teal, Ryan, Baierl & Yang | RAAM 2011
Riders and Crew

Gary Baierl
| Lake Forest, California | Rider

Gary is a veteran ultracyclist with racing credits that include the Furnace Creek 508 (Hall of Fame; seven time finisher, team and solo divisions), Race Across Oregon, the Midwest 24 hour, and the National 24 hour challenge.  Gary has also competed in various time trial, multi-sport and running events, including the Chicago Marathon.

  • "I have wanted to do RAAM for years and it makes a lot of sense to do team RAAM before solo RAAM. Part of the challenge then becomes the coordination of bringing multiple riders and crew together as a team. To safely and quickly get four riders from California to Maryland is an achievement that all members of our team, meaning riders, crew, sponsors, family, coworkers, friends, etc. should be proud of.  Although finishing team or solo RAAM is a crowning personal achievement, one point I have always made is that it is a mental and psychological challenge as much as it is a physical challenge."   Gary Baierl.

Jim Ryan | Sammamish, Washington | Rider

Jim is a veteran ultracyclist with racing credits that include the Furnace Creek 508 (Hall of Fame, six time finisher, team and solo divisions), Race Across Oregon, Texas Time Trials 24 hour, the Midwest 24 hour, the Ring of Fire 24 hour, and the National 24 hour challenge.

  • "I'm a firm believer that life's greatest, most rewarding achievements are inevitably tied to spectacular  goals that by their sheer nature limit those who are willing to try.   RAAM challenges riders and crew to succeed in the face of ever changing conditions.  It requires team work, planning, flexibility, discipline, tenacity, compassion, humor, logistics .... when you cross the finish line you know that it was a mountain of effort involving crew and riders to get you there; the sense of accomplishment and humble confidence that you earn stays with you forever."      Jim Ryan.

 Steve Teal | Phelan, California | Rider

Steve Teal is an accomplished multi-sport athlete with racing credits that include five solo finishes at the Furnace Creek 508 (Hall of Fame) and in those same years, five finishes of the Badwater Ultra Marathon (135 miles held in July of each year in Death Valley).  Racers who complete the 508 and the Badwater in the same year earn the Death Valley Cup; Steve has achieved that feat five times – an accomplishment unmatched by any other athlete.  In 2009, Steve was the Triple Ironman Champion (7.5 Mile swim, 339 Mile Bike and 78.2 mile run – finish time: 40 hrs. 36min, beating the second place participant by about 6 hours.

  • "While I have known about RAAM for many years, I have been pursuing Ultra running goals. I have began to Incorporate cycling, and Ultra distance Triathlons. I am excited about team RAAM and next year a solo effort is on my to do list."  Steve Teal.

James Yang | Yorba Linda, California | Rider

James Yang is a competitive amateur cyclist that enjoys participating in tough road races with long climbs. He is currently a Cat 4 racer and this will be his first experience participating in an ultra-endurance event.

  • "I'm really excited and can't wait...for this grueling yet fun event.   I'm glad to be on this team and I'm confident that together we can have a fun, competitive, and fulfilling race. "  James Yang.

Dave "D'Nasty" Nash | Carlsbad, California | Crew

Dave is an experienced crew member and ultra rider who hails from Carlsbad CA.  In RAAM Dave will be the R/V captain, and rumor has it he has the ability to stay up all night ... which should come in handy.

  • "...I Have crewed the Furnace Creek 508, Badwater Ultra Marathon, Rockwell Relay. Rode 13 ultra distance events in 2010...I'm looking forward to RAAM and getting our guys across the country in a good time."  Dave Nash.
Jeff Larson | San Bernardino, California | Crew

Jeff is an experienced Triathlete and by all accounts a great cook.  We're psyched that the R/V has a stove, and more importantly, that Jeff knows how to use it.

"... This will be my first support function for a race of this magnitude.  I've been participating in triathlons for nearly 25 years.
 I'm looking forward to seeing first hand the capacity of human endurance.  Jeff Larson.

Maxwell Kraft | Lansing, New York | Crew

Max is an experienced rider with a penchant for spontaneous adventure, and we're thrilled to have him on the team.

"... I'm super excited to have the opportunity to be a first-hand part of the RAAM experience.  Two summers ago, after graduating from Cornell University, I rode a bicycle across the country as part of a trip with the non-profit Bike and Build, which raises money and awareness for affordable housing, building houses as we crossed the country.  This trip took us 72 days and was an amazing experience.  Condensed down into 6-8 days I know Race Across America will be an entirely different experience, but an exciting one as well.  I can't wait to meet the rest of the team  and not only follow RAAM this summer, but to be a part of it!  Good luck to everyone and safe and successful riding! " Maxwell Kraft.

Andy Goodell | Ithaca, New York | Crew

Andy is an experienced cyclist  from the Finger Lakes region in New York. It is a virtual certainty that his mechanic skills  will come into play during RAAM 2011. 

"I have yet to do any official endurance events, though I usually feel like I bike 8 days a week between long club rides up to about 150 miles, local races, bike polo, touring and commuting. 
I've been reading about RAAM for the past few years, and thought it would be an amazing adventure to be a part of. Supporting this great team will be the best inspiration to pushing my own limits.! " Andy Goodell.

Michele Neri | Lake Forest, California | Crew

Michele always swears that the last ultra event she crewed will be her last - she said that after each of several Furnace Creek 508s and Race Across Oregons.   We're ecstatic that she can't seem to shake this bad habit no matter how hard she tries.

Chuck Clements |  California | Crew Chief

Chuck is an experienced crew member and crew chief, most notably supporting Steve Teal in completing  5 successful Death Valley Cup seasons.  We're psyched to have Chuck at the helm on our 2011 RAAM adventure.